list it tuesday

Love to make (and read) lists? Me too, and that is why List it Tuesday is back! Join me and other list-a-holics every Tuesday as we satisfy our most primal urges to recall, classify, and tidy up our brains. Your list can be as elaborate as a medieval illuminated manuscript or as humble as a jotting on a receipt, and you can make your list however you wish. Hand write it, illustrate it, type it, scratch it in the sand, spell it out with poker chips, breathe it in the air and capture it on camera. How you choose to do it, I care not.

With every post I'll suggest a topic for the following Tuesday, though you are totally entitled to disregard it and post what you like. Each post will have a linky widget so we can visit each other's lists with ease. Sound like fun? Give it a try. Any questions? Let me know and I'll do my best to answer. Topic suggestions? Leave 'em here or in one of the Tuesday posts. Happy listing!