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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

eavesdropping again


i've been listening to others' conversations on the sly again. what can i say? it's addictive. here is a fresh round of eavesdroppings, flanked by another abstract adventure in progress and my little pencil friend from thereza. happy middle of the week to you!

Sunday, April 11, 2010



a quick break from a gorgeous/fun weekend (aside from one of my kids mudbombing the side of our house) to bring you some overheards that have crept into my notebook over the last few months. well, from where i heard this stuff you can see i don't lead the most exciting life, but these are some meaty verbal droppings to chew on for sure. i can't interpret that weighty bit from juice stop no matter how i bend it around in my mind. same with the philosophical intrigue from wal-mart. meant to be dissected and analyzed, or best accepted as is? clearly i was not meant to be an academic. but the really pressing question here is: does a monologue of nonsense from a cab driver count as an overheard? susie will have to confirm. she was in portland with me when it happened. so i do have one wandering destination on here after all. as for the spork episode, i had lunch with my daughter one day and was totally relieved when it was the kid across the table, and not us, who got lambasted for not touching her tray. nearly three decades out of elementary school, i'm still scared of the lunchroom lady.

Friday, November 6, 2009

holes in their stories








here are a few pieces of overheard conversations to kick off your weekend! i dropped everything to get the dirt on the duet, but no luck on that or any of the others. our imaginations will have to fill in the holes...

Friday, May 15, 2009

guess the fake

i like to eavesdrop, and i keep a journal of odd tidbits i hear between strangers. but i like to make things up, too. so, for the weekword FAKE, here are a few of the funny things i've overheard - but i've also slipped one in here that is totally bogus - something i made up or said to myself.

which one is the fake? i'll draw a name from the ones who guess correctly, and the winner can pick a print from my etsy shop.

other weekword participants this week are: alexandra, aris, cecilia, doug, esti, fruenswerk, jenna, thereza, and valentina. be sure to check out their interpretations over the weekend. thanks for playing - i had fun with this!

p.s. i'll post the winner on sunday!